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                               Snorri the Viking

            Preface toSnorri the Viking  by Joya Broga Verde & Virginia Dare

My story needs a preface to better explain the admittedly bizarre narrative of my life.  I realize trying to explain may do little to realize understanding.  I can't expect the reader to understand what I can't understand myself. 

I knew early on that I would be the Outsider in the ensuing episodes because I am,  and have been,  largely interacting with another species,  that of Human Beings or Homo Sapiens if you prefer.

Observe that I am an Orangutan who has successfully survived into old age and because this book is, after all, about me,  I feel I have earned the right to quip:  though I may be a "quart low" compared to earth's ruling machine due to the lack of a couple of microscopic chromosomes , I am decidedly pleased to not be a member of the specie that has chosen to take this planet by shock if not surprise, laying great swaths of it pillaged.  I don't need to belabor the point.  Any Human Being reading thus far has already had his nose rubbed in this mess.  From my appropriation by force from my family and home through an act of greed and murder, on up to the present, I have been rising to the top and swimming for my life for reasons I can't explain with abilities I don't comprehend.

Survival,  I have come to believe, is inherent to all sentient creatures, adding that all creatures are sentient.  Enough of my whimsical philosophizing.  It is enough that a brute beast has come up with these musings, and remains on an increasingly depleted Terra Firma to complete these opening words.  I will continue to mug and amuse my few friends and neighbors as well as passing strangers from the vantage of eventual survival.  Here's to your reading enjoyment fellow creatures having survived yourselves brings you here to the page of another.  Perhaps you are Outsiders as well.  Suspend your disbelief and hear my story.  The firelight shines on all our faces.