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VIRGINIA DARE began her career at sixteen singing with the Worcester Symphony          Orchestra.  She studied voice at Mannes College of Music in New York City.  In her early

twenties, she made a 180 turn from classical music into successfully busking on the streets of Paris; making a living singing and playing for change, accompanying herself on a second hand guitar. She took her act to the South of France where she performed at local events   under the auspices of Television Monaco.  

Her tastes were always eclectic, her performances presenting a potpourri of acoustic styles, including folk, blues and old standards. After returning to the States, she began writing and performing her own songs throughout the North East in small clubs. During this time she    composed the multi-media show “Odisea” which toured the greater New York Area and       was featured on WBAI, New York’s Pacifica radio station. She has performed at the The      Museum of Natural History, New York City. With audience participation, she performed at the Kaufman Theatre her song to the late Wangari Maathai, the winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to peace through environmentalism.     

For several years she booked and ran the “Slow Down Café” in Nyack, New York.  She also ran a recording studio, “Toad Hall Studio” in Palisades, New York that recorded such         diverse musicians as Tom Chapin, Richie Blackmore, Larry Alexander, Tony Trischka, John  Simon, the Olsen Twins. This is where her last album “The Best of Virginia Dare, Quails    Eggs and Caviar” was produced.

Virginia’s music favors the ironies and wonders of the human spirit and of the natural      world. Her performances are laced with humor, some storytelling and an occasional visit   from her Orangutan puppet, Snorri. Her main axe is a midi-equipped guitar that enables    her to create unique sounds by activating a synthesizer. A few years ago she moved her    recording studio, now known as “Yankee Toad Studio” to Block Island where she now        happily resides.